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5 Wolf Shifter Reverse Harem Book Recommendations

Last updated on December 15, 2020

In each of these fun reverse harem series, the female main character’s mates are all wolf shifters. Who doesn’t love a protective wolf watching her back? Though not all of these series are complete, I’ve linked the first books below. Last I checked, all of them were in Kindle Unlimited!

As if 5 weren’t enough, I also added a bonus box set at the bottom. Because Why Choose? 😀

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Wolf Shifter Reverse Harem Book Collection

Wolf Hunted
by Sadie Moss

Complete series! 
In this slow-burn series, the female main character doesn’t know she’s a shifter. I finished reading the first book so fast, I couldn’t help but dive right into the second one.
Highly recommend!
Seven Wishes 
by Serena Akeroyd

Complete series! Bonus — it’s an Academy RH! 
An innocent female main character falls in love with a wolf pack.
Finding My Pack
by Lane Whitt

Complete series!
This is a trilogy, and Finding My Pack was the author’s debut novel.
Cliffhanger warning! You’ll want to dive right in to book 2.
by Rebecca Royce

Female main character and her four mates are all werewolves. This is an interesting twist on the wolf shifter genre — they are forced to live as humans and in fact are encouraged to breed out the shifter genes by taking human mates. Not our female main character, though!
by Erica Woods

Really long book, and slow burn, but it’s going to be good!


This is a bonus and a full box set!

The Wolves of Wild Junction Box Set
by Kristen Banet

This is a spinoff series, so if you haven’t read the Kingson Pride books, maybe give those a look first. I absolutely loved this Wolf companion series. The female main character is actually a doe shifter — yes, a deer who falls in love with a wolf pack! Such a feel-good world.
Highly recommend! 

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