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5 Why Choose? with Twins (Contemporary Romance) Book Recommendations

Last updated on November 7, 2020

Threeways are one of the most common fantasies in real life, but there’s one thing that makes them even spicier — twins! This is the contemporary romance collection of RH with twins. (If you’re looking for fantasy or paranormal romance twins, check out the other two collections: part one & part two.)

Last I checked, all are in Kindle Unlimited. If you aren’t already signed up, trust me, this collection of steamy Why Choose books will only make you crave more twins, so sign up and save. 

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Twins Reverse Harem Book Collection

Vicious Kings
By Eva Ashwood
Complete series!
Two of her four captors are hot twins. Even though they never do anything separately (*waggles eyebrows*), one of them definitely has more of a soft spot than the other.
Trigger warning for being dark.
Vested Interest
By Elaina Jadin & Bethany Jadin
Complete series!
Five former marines pursue our female main character. Get ready for a super hot twin sandwich near the end!
By Mercedes Jade
Complete series!
The prince has a wicked stepmother. The jock struggles to hide his brains behind his brawn. The rich heartthrob twins are bullied by the masses instead of put on a pedestal. Can our female main character come to their rescue? Two-book duet. 
Dangerous Lies
By A.P. Foote
This fast moving MC series features a badass female main character and some sexy twins. Ten books planned. 
Trigger warnings: unwanted physical contact, death, drug use, abuse and PTSD.
F*ck You
By Crystal North and Jaye Pratt
Academy RH at an English reform school plus some sexy bully twins. Need we say more?

Bonus Book!

Lawn Boys
By K Webster
Note that this is menage, not RH! A sexy lawn boy makes it known he wants to be more than just eye candy, and even pulls in his twin for some fun. 

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