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4 Tearjerker Paranormal/Fantasy Romance Reverse Harem Recommendations

Last updated on November 7, 2020

These stories will remind you that not everything is perfectly happy in a romance setting. Sometimes, there’s a little heartbreak. Sometimes, a little tragedy. Sometimes, something dark. Everybody needs a good cry from time to time, right? If you’re looking for contemporary romance tearjerkers, there’s a separate collection for that because there were enough books for it!

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Note: Please pay close attention to the trigger warnings below as well as in their blurbs before deciding whether to pick these up. All of these books, like everything on this site, are recommended only for those age 18+

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Must-Read Tearjerker RH Book Recommendations 

Romance Books Available in Kindle Unlimited

by Auryn Hadley

I love love love the Rise of the Iliri series. This is the link to Book 1, although that’s not the tearjerker book. Just wait til you get to some of the books in the middle. It’s war, and that means sometimes people die in the worst of ways. This series had me ugly crying, but it was so good and so worth it! The harem takes several books to build, but is so great. 
Trigger warnings: War, violence, trauma, blood and gore. Past mentions of rape but none in the books themselves.
Clockwork Butterfly
by Kendra Moreno

Steampunk is near and dear to my heart and this book will make you smile, laugh, and cry.
The Lost and the Chosen
by Ivy Asher 

Don’t worry, our female main character first meets a group of men who are about twice her age, but she ends up with a younger group of suitors. Not really any sex scenes in this book, but it is most certainly reverse harem. Ends in a mild cliffhanger.
by Alice Wilde 

This is a supernatural, dark bully romance, so you can guess where some of the crying comes from. The bullies do not get their comeuppance in this first book, so you’ll have to keep reading. This is new adult and there is a cliffhanger
Trigger warnings for dark themes and bullying

Bonus Book

So… this is not paranormal, but it’s also not contemporary, so I’m putting it here!

Sol & Lune 
by Kathryn Moon

A war without end, a woman alone, and a sacred duty she must protect.” This is a historical romance book with emotionally dark themes that will make your soul weep. This is a duet and the second book is out!
Trigger warnings: War, occupied nations, threats of rape, coercive sexual situations

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