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12 Standalone PNR & Scifi Reverse Harem Book Recommendations

All of these awesome standalones have over 250 pages to immerse yourself in and all are in KU! Find contemporary standalones in the other collection.

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Standalone PNR & Scifi RH Books in Kindle Unlimited

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By Coralee June and Raven Kennedy

Over 400 pages of bully academy romance. Our FMC is a rare supernatural capable of absorbing powers at the brush of her skin.

Trigger warnings: Bullying, abandonment, prejudice, violence, parental verbal and emotional abuse

Devils’ Day Party
By C.M. Stunich

Over 400 pages of time-loop high school bully romance. Sort-of contemporary romance but with a Groundhog’s Day twist.

Trigger warnings: Bullying, suicide, dark themes

By Raven Kennedy

Over 250 pages of shifter romance. Our poor FMC finally gets to shift… but it turns out she’s a duck shifter! Laugh out loud funny and full of puns! This book is RH but the others in the series are not.

Charming Devils
By Katie May

Over 600 pages of reverse bullying and revenge themes! Five years ago, our FMC suffered their bullying, but now she’s come back ready for revenge. All characters are 18+ and ready to graduate high school. 
Highly recommend!

Trigger warnings: Dark themes, self-harm, suicide, bullying

Baby + the Late Night Howlers
By Kathryn Moon

After discovering she’s actually an omega and with her heat on its way, Baby needs to find a pack, a nest, and alphas she can trust. Knotting and M/M content.

Trigger warnings: One chapter gives you the chance to skip forward if you have triggers, and provides a summary.

Seven Sins of Snow
By Loxley Savage

500 pages of a dark fairytale retelling of Snow White and the seven deadly sins.

Trigger warnings: torture, violence, drugs, dark themes

Succubus Soccer Mom
By Jacquelyn Faye

Over 300 pages of a succubus stripper soccer mom hustling. Fast-burn with M/M and F/F scenes. Laugh out loud hilarity.

Caged Kitten
By Rhea Watson

Over 450 pages of supernatural PNR. Our FMC is a wrongly accused witch in a prison guarded by wards, warlocks, and wolves. 

Trigger warnings: kidnapping, sexual assault, forced nudity in coed situations, murder, brutality and violence

Say Your Prayers
By Crystal Ash and Kathryn Moon

450 pages of a sinful succubus tempting every man in the church. She seeks sanctuary, and they can choose to either let hell take her back… Or protect her, give in to their feelings, and risk losing the last grip on their faith. Contains M/M.

Trigger warnings: questioning faith

Adventures in Sugarland
By M.J. Marstens

Over 350 pages of Candyland and Hansel and Gretel retelling with HEA. Multiple point of view, with stepsibling taboo, D/s, Daddy kink, various fetishes and BDSM, and M/M with the queen present. 

Trigger warnings: Intense BDSM, dark themes, noncon sex

New Horizons
By Heather Relken

Almost 600 pages of alien poly ménage that becomes RH. Surprise sex with an alien-cyborg commander means our FMC is now the lady-mate in a marriage triangle with him and his legionnaire.

Trigger warnings: Dubcon. Skip Ch3 to avoid triggers in this scifi RH.

Clockwork Dragon
By Kaye Draper

Over 200 pages. In a world where powerful female magic workers rule and vulnerable male wellsprings must follow the rigid social norms meant to keep their magic pure from corruption, our FMC doesn’t fit in anywhere. She can’t actually use magic. Not your traditional RH, this is a poly (FF, MF, MM) steampunk fantasy standalone.

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