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8 Rockstar Reverse Harem Book Recommendations

Last updated on May 3, 2021

Each of these books brings its own style of good vibrations with several contemporary bands, a couple PNR books, and one where the FMC is the one who’s famous. Or… Infamous. 

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Rockstar and Band RH Books in Kindle Unlimited

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By C.M. Stunich

Complete series!
Five dollars in her pocket. A crumpled concert ticket. A chance encounter. Can one broken person put another back together? And is a cross-country tour the place to do it? Contemporary fast-burn MMMFMM with a happy ending and no cliffhanger. 
Highly recommend! 

Trigger warnings: Sexual abuse, violent assault, cheating, mental illness, other dark themes

By KT Strange

Complete series!
Our FMC is secretly an outcast witch who falls in love with the werewolves of the band Phoenixcry. A slow-burn paranormal take on the rockstar trope.
Highly recommend! 

Remember Us This Way
By C.R. Jane

Complete series!
I broke all our hearts when I refused to follow them to L.A. I’m no longer the girl these rockstars left behind. But I’ve become the woman they can’t resist. A contemporary rockstar RH romance.
Trigger warning: abuse

Away with the Faeries
By Sam Hall

She promised to go on tour to photograph the fae band, but everything changes when her powers prove to be so much more potent than anyone could have guessed. If you love unusual PNR with sexy fae men and a bit of M/M, you’ll love the Get Your Rocks Off series. 
Highly recommend!

Idol Thoughts
By J. S. Lee

Complete series!
I’m given three months to turn the failed K-Pop group, H3RO, into number one stars. Yet the more time I spend with them, the more I find myself tempted by all six of them.

5 Boys in the Band
By Evie Kady

Complete series!
Make a documentary about the hottest boy band on the planet? You bet your sweet buns this broke film school grad’s gonna say yes. Contemporary continuing story style series with M/M.

By Sariah Skye

Our FMC is famous and going through a tough breakup. Luckily, she’ll be surrounded by awesome guys who help her get over it. Slow-burn with M/M later in the series.

Trigger warnings: domestic violence and depression

Must-Buy Rockstar Reverse Harem Books

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His, His or His?
By Hanleigh Bradley

Her twin brother needs her to take his place in the pop band. Suddenly, she finds herself living with four hot men… who all think she’s her twin brother.

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