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8 PNR Why Choose? Twins Book Recommendations (Part One)

Last updated on November 7, 2020

Two are sexier than one! Especially when they’re both werewolves or mages or some other type of paranormal romance heroes. Honestly, there were so many PNR and fantasy RH books with twins, I decided to break this into two collections! (And if you’re looking for contemporary romance twins, check out the other collection.)

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PNR Twins Reverse Harem Book Collection

Kit Davenport: The Complete Series
by Tate James
Complete series! 
This was my first introduction into RH and what made me fall in love with it! And the twin sandwich is to die for. The twins are so different and one is so moody you can’t help but be rooting for him to get over himself. 
Highly recommend!
By Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington
Complete series! 
Some of the best known RH authors around, and for good reason. A humble woman is pledged to serve five sols, magic-blessed beings who could one day be chosen to become gods. And guess what? They’re twins and triplets, all brothers!
Queen Takes Knights
By Joely Sue Burkhart
Complete series! 
Have to mention this amazing fast-burn series, of course! The twins aren’t introduced until Book 3, but they are mysterious and sexy and unique in their own ways. Book 4 reveals much more about the twins.
Highly recommend! 
Consort of Secrets
By Eva Chase
Complete series! 
When she has to return to her childhood estate to an arranged marriage, our female main character runs into her childhood sweethearts. They’ve got no magic, and no place in her life. But they’re charming and sweet and infuriatingly hot. Especially the identical twins!
Trying To Live With The Dead (Veil Diaries)
By B.L. Brunnemer
The twins Ethan and Isaac are a musician and an MMA fighter. Hot! All five guys in her harem are unique in their own ways. Series starts as YA but turns NA later. 
The Lost and the Chosen
By Ivy Asher
Our female main character is a badass fighter complemented by five magic users, two of which are fun, kind, caring twins.
Virgo Rising
By M.J. Marstens
Complete series!
Eight dominant men, one mouthy woman, twins in super hot scenes!
Descendant of Chaos
By M. Sinclair
A pair of demi-gods feature in this big harem that has TWO sets of twins in it! Slow/medium burn RH with m/m themes. Nine books planned.
Trigger warnings: gore, assault, PTSD

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