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8 Light (Low-Angst) Reverse Harem Book Recommendations

Last updated on November 7, 2020

Sometimes when things are grim in the real world, you just want something light to read on your Kindle. These books are low angst, but they’re not low on steam! Also be sure to check out the rom-com RH collection.

Download these fun, light reads and leave all your cares behind.

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Must-Buy Light Reverse Harem Books

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Fractured Heart
By Mia Harlan & Vivi Clarke

Our FMC finds herself in something like an adult Disney musical at the LUV Academy, rooming in an all-male dorm with an a cappella group of rich, talented men. Slow-burn RH.
Clockwork Butterfly
By Kendra Moreno

Low angst and not dark at all. Steampunk Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones… with lots of hot dudes.  

Light, Low-Angst RH Books in Kindle Unlimited

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Elements of Mischief
By C.M. Stunich & Tate James

Complete series!
With a series name like Hijinks Harem, you know it’s bound to be good! Contains M/M scenes. As the authors say, it’s got “loads of humor, plumber puns, and group sex. Read with a glass of wine and a smile!” 
Amber: A Silver Springs Novel
By Mia Harlan

This is a light standalone RH. As stated on the details page: “Amber is part of the Jewels Cafe in Silver Springs series, a collection of light, funny paranormal romances set in the same small town. Each book contains its own Happily Ever After.”
A Tail of Woah
By Jacquelyn Faye

After you finish this, you’ll definitely want to read its sequel, the Tail of Two Kitties. Medium-burn with M/M. Light and full of puns. Laugh until your cheeks hurt!
By Eva Delaney

Our vampire FMC only dates for two reasons: blood and ice cream. But an errant love spell has three humans calling her mate. Standalone.
Feline Good
By Lana Kole

Light and airy and a standalone
Satan’s Gift
By Everly Taylor

This is a short story, but it’s sure to put a smile on your face. Hilarious and steamy! Also check out the sequel short, Santa Strikes Back.

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