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6 FMC Dragon Shifter Reverse Harem Book Recommendations

In each of these fantastic reverse harem series, our badass female main character (FMC) is the one who’s a dragon shifter. Her mates might be dragon shifters, too, or something else entirely.

There are SO MANY dragon shifter Why Choose books, so I’ve created a few different collections. Here’s a collection of books where ALL of her love interests are dragon shifters (but she may not be). And here’s a collection of fantasy romance books where at least one (but not all) of her love interests is a dragon shifter — because who doesn’t want some variety in the harem?

Though not all of the series below are complete, I’ve linked the first books, and most of them are in Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t already have it, I’m shocked. Read more books for less $ by signing up for Kindle Unlimited here.

Shifter RH Books in Kindle Unlimited

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Wings of Ice
by G. Bailey

Isola is an ice dragon, which means it’s forbidden for her to fall for such hot hot fire dragons. Slow burn academy RH.

Dragon’s Guard
by Eva Chase

Complete series!
Our FMC is the last of her kind, a dragon shifter destined to unite the other shifter groups by taking their alphas as mates. Steamy! 

by Misty Malloy

A FMC dragon shifter and all her mates are dragon shifters too! She starts off disinterested in dragons, so they must win her over.

Dragon Taken
by Alexis Pierce

Complete series!
Can Serenity accept her place in this new world of dragons with her new dragon mates? Or will she break under the pressure?
Highly recommend!

War of Wings
by L.A. Boruff

Technically the third book in the series, the FMC doesn’t know she’s a dragon shifter. Can be read on its own.

Must-Buy Reverse Harem Books

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The Dragon Heiress
by Eve Newton

The FMC is a rare Gold Dragon, and as such, her family are trying to pick her suitors for her. Too bad she’s already in love. This is book one of the dragon series, but book 18 of another series — but you don’t need to have read it to understand this one! Last I checked, it was also FREE!

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