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11 Dragon Shifter (All) Reverse Harem Book Recommendations

Last updated on October 12, 2021

In each of these fun reverse harem series, the female main character’s mates are ALL dragon shifters. This is the largest collection yet!

Dragon shifters are BIG in the reverse harem world. Because of this, I broke dragon shifters up into a few different collections: find FMC dragon shifters here and harems containing at least one (but not all) dragon shifters here — variety is the spice of life!

Please let me know if I have any books in the wrong collection — I haven’t gotten a chance to read them all just yet. 

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Dragon Shifter Reverse Harem Book Collection

Stroke The Flame

by Elizabeth Briggs

The FMC will one day be able to control all four elements, but first, she has to become mated to four dragon shifters… who can’t shift til they’re mated. I enjoyed this idea and the unique way the harem formed across four elemental temples.

Highly recommend!

Dragon Taken

by Alexis Pierce

Complete series!
Our FMC is whisked away to a world she never knew existed, where four dragon shifters seem intent on her. 

Dragon’s Gift

by Jada Storm

Three dragon princes, one woman chosen to be the next king’s gift. But they all feel an attraction to her, and why choose? Except for the fact that the current king wants to force her to.

Stealing Tranquility

by J.L. Weil 

Four dragons, one headstrong FMC.

Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons

by Ava Mason

Complete series!

A wolf shifter flees her pack for four dragon shifters who offer her protection in their secluded mountain home. 

Academy for Misfit Witches

by Tara West 

Our FMC flees her magic academy and winds up with three dragon shifter princes. College age romance. 

Dragon’s Thief
by Lili Zander and Rory Reynolds 

Complete series!
A thief takes on a daring job to steal a priceless artifact under the noses of five dragon princes. Of course, she gets caught. That’s where things get interesting, because the dragons are cursed, and she might have the secret to freeing them. 

The Spark of the Dragon’s Heart
by Willa Hart 

Complete series!
Our FMC is a dragon keeper, “a human with special powers who acts as a sort of liaison between dragons and the unsuspecting human world.” Medium-burn with five dragon shifters.

Dragon Fire Academy

by Rachel Jonas

Complete series!
The FMC is a wolf, dragon, and witch, while her harem are all dragons. This is an NA spinoff from the Lost Royals Saga (not an RH series). 

Magic in Her Harem

by Lacey Carter Andersen

The fate of the entire dragon race rests in the hands of our FMC. Only she never knew that dragons shift into handsome, naked men… This is a standalone box set of three serials. 

Reign of Dragons

by Olivia Ash

Complete series!
The FMC is raised as an assassin who is blessed with insanely powerful dragon magic. She’s a true badass. Great series. One of her harem is trapped in dragon form at first.

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