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11 Contemporary Standalone Reverse Harem Book Recommendations

Last updated on March 27, 2021

All of these sexy standalones have over 100 reviews and over 200 pages of RH awesomeness. They’re also all in Kindle Unlimited! Don’t forget to check out the PNR and scifi standalones, too.

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Contemporary Standalone Reverse Harem Book Collection

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Den of Vipers
By K.A Knight

Over 650 pages of twisted, dark violence and steamy S&M sex. Our FMC’s dad owed the wrong people, and he sold her to these criminals to save himself. “They can own my body, but they will never have my heart. The Vipers? I’m going to make them regret the day they took me.” Readers warn that this is not a redemption story, but a story of dark people finding each other. 

Trigger warnings: abuse, assault, violence, dark themes

Surviving Amber Springs
By Siobhan Davis

Over 400 pages of high school and college romance, full of heartbreaking trials and tribulations with plenty of drama. Yes, HEA! Have your tissues handy and prepare for plot twists! 

Trigger warnings: Gun violence, rape, suicide

April’s Fools
By Ivy Asher and Raven Kennedy

300 pages of sexy military men at the end of the world. “My father named me after a gun and taught me how to skin and cook a squirrel by the time I was ten.” Be prepared to laugh out loud, so don’t read this when you’re somewhere quiet!

By Candice Wright

Over 400 pages of M/F/M ménage sexiness and a FMC who rose from the ashes to become a badass. Some crossover with the Underestimated series, so look out for those cameos!

Trigger warnings: Sexual abuse, violence, gangs, drug runner, homeless, child abuse

Just Jayne
By Ripley Proserpina

Over 400 pages of a reverse harem reimagining of Jane Eyre. The band has a secret, but they refuse to give Jayne up. They’ll tell any lie, barricade any door, and fight any foe to keep her.

Scarlett XOXO
By Autumn Reed

Over 450 pages of a sweet, sad story that holds the chance for redemption. Our FMC has to convince herself she’s worth a second chance. Though cheating is mentioned, there’s no cheating between main characters. In addition to her RH relationships, our FMC has a loving relationship with her sibling and her gal friends, too.

Boys and Burlesque
By Ripley Proserpina

Over 475 pages of angsty second chances with country boys. Don’t worry, our burlesque dancing FMC gets her HEA.

By Seven Rue

Over 340 pages of sexy age-gap romance (up to 19 years). Our 18 y/o FMC ran away to hide, and ended up found by three brothers. This is a slightly taboo, steamy romance about a mute girl finding her own way in life.

Trigger warnings: past abuse and abandonment of a parent

Her Dirty Teachers
By Mika Lane

Our FMC earns her dough at Club V. And then one night her teachers show up. One of a great set of contemporary RH standalones. If you love forbidden love and outrageously naughty books to indulge your bad girl side, this is for you. Fast burn & HFN.

A Touch of Violet
By Kira Roman

Our dramatic 18 y/o FMC is trying to figure out college and her future. Age-gap and student/teacher relationships with twins and brothers. 

Trigger warnings: Cancer

By M.J. Marstens

If you love irreverent comedy, this one’s for you! Hilarious, blasphemous, steamy, with M/M and an HEA

Trigger warnings: Teen sexual abuse, religious topics

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