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Authors, PAs, VAs interested in featuring an author’s book:

See the author section below for more info about:

  • Collaborating on a NEW Collection
  • Adding Books to Existing Collections
  • New Releases (for series already featured in WCRC collections)
  • Group Promos, Giveaways, Box Sets, or Sales

Website issues or problems signing up to the newsletter?

Sorry for the inconvenience! Please email me with “WCRC issue” in the subject to:
support (at) whychooseromance (dot) club

Missing trigger warning?

If I missed a trigger warning for a particular book, email me with subject “WCRC trigger” to:
booklover (at) whychooseromance (dot) club

Got ideas for a collection of RH books?

Fellow RH readers, please email with email subject “WCRC idea” and let me know at:
booklover (at) whychooseromance (dot) club

Or post in the Facebook group!

Notes and criteria for new collections:

  • Send ideas for any collections you’d like to see, but it also helps if you give me at least one example book so I can find similar ones
  • Collections only feature standalones and first-in-series
  • Original and spin-off series both qualify
  • Featured books must have at least 20 reviews on Amazon or 30 reviews on Goodreads and an average of 4+ stars
  • I won’t post a collection until I have at least 4 books that qualify, but you can feel free to suggest an idea even if you don’t know of 4 books that work for it yet — I’ll start looking!

No guarantees on how quickly I can get your collection up, but I try to prioritize your suggestions over my own list of future collections.

For authors

First, the notes and disclaimers…

I am just one person without an assistant, and I value my own writing time, so I will ask you for compensation for my time.
About Me>

Why Choose? Romance Club is for #WhyChoose RH books only! Not romance books where the FMC must choose only one.

Why Choose? Romance Club Collections consist of 4 or more books, and only feature standalones or first-in-series books with at least 20 reviews on Amazon or 30 reviews on Goodreads and an average of 4+ stars.

Options for authors:

Collaborate on a NEW Collection

Have an idea for a new collection that your standalone or first-in-series might fit into?

Are you willing to put in the effort to gather other books to fit the theme and write blurbs (including trigger warnings) for each?

Please email with subject “WCRC collaboration request” and let’s discuss:
owner (at) whychooseromance (dot) club

See the RH with MM collection for a collaboration example using a B2R Reading List.

Note: your book and your collection idea MUST fit club criteria mentioned above.

Add Book to an Existing Collection

If you’d like your book added to an existing collection, note that collections only feature first-in-series or standalones. Your book must have at least 20 reviews on Amazon or 30 reviews on Goodreads and an average of 4+ stars.

If I agree your book is a good fit, I’ll also remind WCRC email subscribers about the collection in an upcoming newsletter, even if I published that collection some time ago. I always appreciate a reason to refresh and resurface great collections to Club members.

What’s in it for you? When RH readers download your book alongside similar books, it can help your Amazon Also Boughts!

Suggested compensation for my time: $10

Please email with subject “WCRC author request” and let’s discuss:
owner (at) whychooseromance (dot) club

New Releases for Series Already in a Club Collection

I currently do NOT have a way of supporting newly released standalones or first-in-series of a new series. (However, if your standalone or first-in-series qualifies, you can submit it for inclusion in an existing collection — see below.)

However… I will occasionally create a New Releases page and newsletter alert for later books in series that already exist in a Club collection somewhere on this site. So:

For later releases in a series already tagged in a Club collection:

If you have a new release in a series already featured in a Collection on this site somewhere, I’ll consider featuring it on a New Releases page during your launch week. This page will link to the Collection your Book 1 is featured in (which may help you get relevant Also Boughts on Amazon!)

I’ll also mention New Releases in an upcoming newsletter to WCRC email subscribers. The timing of this email may not occur during your release week, but will go out within 30 days of your release.

Suggested compensation for my time: $15

You must give me the details at least 3 WEEKS before release. Please email with subject “WCRC new release request” and let’s discuss:
owner (at) whychooseromance (dot) club

Group Promos, Giveaways, Box Sets, and Sales

Know of a big RH, sale, giveaway, or other promotion that WCRC email subscribers might be interested in?

I’ll do my best to let Club members know before it expires… at no charge to you!

But… it must fit these qualifications:

  • I will only feature GROUP promos, giveaways, box sets, or sales, not single-author.
  • Box sets must include more than 50% RH books.
  • Promos, giveaways, and sales must either feature more than 50% RH books or have a specific section for RH books.

Please email with subject “WCRC promo opportunity” ASAP:
owner (at) whychooseromance (dot) club

Other questions

For other questions, email with “WCRC” in the subject line to:
support (at) whychooseromance (dot) club