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10 Bodyguard Why Choose Book Recommendations

Last updated on November 7, 2020

Step outside your normal life and imagine needing a team of sexy bodyguards, sworn to lay down their lives to protect their clients. Each of these highly rated reverse harem series features at least one protector of the FMC. Sometimes the entire harem may be filled to the brim with hunky bodyguards

Look out for trigger warnings below, and I’ve broken up the ones that aren’t in KU from the rest. Most #WhyChoose authors put their books in KU, so if you aren’t signed up already, you’re missing out. I know I save at least $5 a month on books by subscribing to Kindle Unlimited!

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Must-Read Why Choose Bodyguard Book Recommendations 

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Reverse Harem Romance Books Available in Kindle Unlimited

Shared by Her Bodyguards
By Cassie Cole

They were paid to protect her. They never expected to fall for her. Standalone with suspenseful, sexy MFMM in single and multiple partner scenes with HEA.
Her Dirty Bodyguards
By Mika Lane

Standalone contemporary romance RH with lots of heat and very protective alpha males.
Share Me
By K Webster & Ker Dukey

This is a fiery-hot standalone romance with the perfect combination of sweet and sexy with a smidgen of suspense! Not dark, a little M/M, but you’ll need a change of panties!
By Sariah Skye

Our FMC is an award-winning major recording artist plagued by scandals. Her bodyguard is only one of many men who find themselves seduced into her infamous life. Slow-burn with M/M content. 
Trigger warnings: abuse, depression, mentions of past domestic violence
Uppercut Princess
By E. M. Moore

Complete series!

This is a dark, high school, enemies-to-lovers RH with bully themes. Cliffhanger warning, but the other books are out!
A Tail of Woah
By Jacquelyn Faye

Our kitsune FMC starts out with one bodyguard, and then he has to protect her as she goes off to academy. Medium burn with M/M. Laugh until your cheeks hurt!
The Queen’s Protectors
By Scarlett Snow

This half-breed, exiled queen has three sexy protectors. And there’s M/M action.
Trigger warnings: past parental abuse, violence, graphic BDSM scenes
The Cardinal Bird
By Mia Smantz

A unique, slow-burn RH where our badass FMC takes on secret government organizations and Russian mob bosses!
Trigger warnings: abuse, violence, torture

Must-Buy Reverse Harem Bodyguard Books

Ivory’s Familiars
By Montana Ash

Our three love interests are born to protect witches, but when they have no one to serve, they become bodyguards (and form a M/M/M relationship amongst themselves). When our FMC comes on the scene, she’s nothing like they expected.
The Men with the Golden Cuffs
By Lexi Blake

Adam is the playful, indulgent lover, while Jacob is the possessive, loving Dom. When a stalker begins following a bestselling author of erotica, they must come together to protect her.  No M/M and not a full harem, but it fit in well with the rest of this collection, so I couldn’t resist this standalone ménage.

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