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15 Awesome Fae, Faerie, & Elf RH Book Recommendations

Here are 15 Why Choose books that I can personally recommend, all involving the fae, faeries, or elves! I enjoyed every single book on this list, and I hope you do, too.

Last I checked, all of them were in Kindle Unlimited!

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Fae, Faerie, Elf Reverse Harem Book Collection

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Power of Five
by Alex Lidell

Complete series!
No list of fae RH books would be complete without The Power of Five! Four immortal fae are bound by magic to a female mortal instead of a powerful fae warrior like themselves.
Highly recommend!

Trigger warnings: Past sexual abuse and PTSD

Piece of Dragon
by Laurel Chase

Complete series!
I absolutely loved this entire series. It even made it to my favorites list on Goodreads! The fae realm has been cut off from Earth, leaving fae stranded forever… Unless a rare unicorn shifter can save them.
Highly recommend!

Trigger warnings: Dub-con, abuse, violence against women

Dark Glitter
by C.M. Stunich & Tate James

This dark series takes you on a wild ride following the reincarnated goddess and leader of the Wild Hunt! If you like the thought of mixing fae magic with a badass motorcycle club, this is the series for you!
Highly recommend!

Trigger warnings: dark themes, blood, violence, sex, swearing, torture

Bound by Magic
by Sadie Moss

Complete trilogy!
One badass ex-mercenary becomes bound to four sexy-as-sin men who will do anything to protect her. She thought she was powerless, but it turns out she’s anything but.
Highly recommend!

Elemental Fae Academy
by Lexi C. Foss & J.R. Thorn

Complete series!
In this medium-burn RH, our leading lady falls for her elemental mentors one by one. She’s a rare breed who can access all five elements.
Highly recommend!

Away with the Faeries
by Sam Hall

This is a dark, true enemies-to-lovers RH that’s unique even among fae RH books. I’ve only read the first so far, and my only warning is that if you don’t like seeing the guys with other chicks before they get together with the FMC, this may not be the RH for you. These guys are rockstars who fool around with groupies and don’t play nice.
Trigger warnings: dub con dream

Wandering Queen
by May Dawson

The angst is real in this series where our royal leading lady lost her memories and the guys remember all the terrible things she did (but she doesn’t). Feels like an enemies to lovers. Warning: super addictive!
Highly recommend!

Rise of the Phoenix
by J.L. Madore

Complete series!
This is a very polyamorous RH with lots of M/M even while the FMC isn’t around. If that’s not your thing, skip this series. Feisty, mouthy heroine and the men who are bound to her as mates to unite the fae realm… one from each type of fae shifter species. Multiple POVs.
Highly recommend!

Trigger warnings: childhood trauma/abuse/rape,

The Guardian (The Faerie Wars)
by Quinn Arthurs

Complete duology!
When our FMC performs the final rites for her mother, three sexy fairy knights appear to escort her to a home she never knew about.
Highly recommend!

Captive of Wolves
by Eva Chase

One of my all-time favorite RH series! Only the FMC’s blood can prevent the summer fae from losing control of their wolf shifter side on a full moon. They are, of course, at war with the winter fae, who can shapeshift into ravens. Multiple POV and a must-read!
Highly recommend!

Trigger warnings: Torture and abuse

Fae Captive
by Elle Middaugh and Ann Denton

A true enemies to lovers book without bullies! It’s her job to stop shifters, but she ends up a captive of three shifter warlords.
Highly recommend!

Fires of Hatred
by Erin O’Kane

Complete series!
This single-POV, super slow-burn RH is super addictive. The FMC used to be a slave and turns out to be goddess-blessed. Along the way, she feels a pull toward two mages, a prince, an imprisoned elf, and perhaps others…
Highly recommend!

Trigger warnings: Slavery, torture, child abuse

Spin the Shadows
by Cate Corvin

Such an addictive series! One of my favorite FMCs, and I love the guys. Steamy and the harem builds over time. Love how there’s a blend of magic and technology in the Fae world.
Highly recommend!

Resurrect (The Blooming Courts)
by Kendra Moreno and Poppy Woods

Complete series!
One of the most beautiful worlds I’ve ever visited in an RH series. Slow-burn and the harem builds over time.
Highly recommend!

The Lost Queen (Our Fae Queen)
by Traci Lovelot

And of course, here’s my own fae RH series! Only the love of five fae can convince Glori she’s meant to be queen. Slow-burn and slow-build over six books. Later books will include M/M involving the FMC.
Highly recommend!

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