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13 Alien Reverse Harem Book Recommendations in Kindle Unlimited

These books feature human female main characters (FMC) with their multiple alien mates.

This collection is for top rated alien reverse harem books available in Kindle Unlimited. (At least, last I checked, all these were in KU. Authors sometimes quit KU so they can make their books available in other stores.)

I will post a wide collection later, full of alien RH books available in other stores like Kobo, Apple, etc. 

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Alien Reverse Harem Book Collection

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By Stacy Jones

An alien RH list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this highly rated series! The aliens look like aliens, but they’re very sweet and alpha protective over our FMC. Even more fun… they’re virgins with massive peens. RH without M/M involved. Cliffhanger warning! 

By S.J. Sanders

Standalone over 300 pages. Alien romance… with a fairytale twist! Little Red Riding Hood in a dystopian future after an alien invasion. Since the aliens are wolf-like, expect hot alpha romance! 
Trigger warnings: Sexual assault and violence against women, gory violence, non-con, mentions of infant death and abortion, torture 

Beth’s Stable
By Amanda Milo

Standalone over 300 pages. Space pirates! Dark but with an HEA. Our FMC has some PTSD and is pregnant when she’s taken away by her new owners. RH without M/M. 
Trigger warnings: Non-con/dub-con, violence against women.

Of Another Dimension
By Jeanette Lynn

In this series, the aliens look very alien. Get ready for some extra appendages! Fun, light read. 

Project: Adapt – Found
By Jade Waltz

A fan favorite for alien RH! The aliens are indeed alien with something like tree men, aquatic men, and even feline men… Our FMC starts the story pregnant. This book starts out like a ménage (not with the baby-daddy), but she’ll gain additional alien mates along the series. 
Trigger warning: non-consensual impregnation

Ecstasy From the Deep
By Octavia Kore

An enticing savior, an old love, and one deranged alien hell-bent on destroying it all. The aquatic type aliens in this series are very alien looking. MFM with some M/M moments. 
Trigger warnings: Almost rape

The Bridal Hunt
By Jeanette Lynn

Not your usual alien RH… A feisty, mouthy FMC gets taken through a portal to an alternate dimension with snow beast/yetis as the harem.

Capturing Carmen
By K.A Knight and Loxley Savage

It wasn’t any of Earth’s natural resources the aliens were after. It was our women. Fast-burn, kinky, gritty, and dark. Can be read as a standalone. Very steamy. FMC is very into her harem, despite the title. Cliffhanger warning. 
Trigger warning: Dark themes

By Lizzy Bequin

Three primitive alien beasts are going to make a meal out of her. She’s theirs to toy with as they please. Theirs to use. Theirs to share. Theirs to devour. Creepy, dark romance with anal. 
Trigger warning: dub con, non con, choking, abuse, forced pregnancy, abortion, Stockholm Syndrome, consumption of sentient beings, dark ending

Their Human Vessel
By Lizzy Bequin

Standalone with HEA. Dark and very graphic. Aliens will save our FMC, but only if she agrees to become their vessel and to help them repopulate. 
Trigger warnings: non-con, misogyny

By Marissa Farrar

Very alien aliens! Dark plot with the FMC awakening pregnant not knowing what will happen to her after she births the alien spawn. No surprise that she joins the resistance. Cliffhanger warning!
Trigger warning: Forced pregnancy

New Horizons
By Heather Relken

Surprise sex with an alien-cyborg commander means the FMC is now the lady-mate in a weird marriage triangle with the commander and his legionnaire. Seems to be ménage, but it’s actually RH.
Trigger warning: Dub con (can skip ahead to Ch 4)

By Heather Relken

The aliens have a pre-existing relationship before their stowaway appears. (So, expect some M/M.) Very sweet. Includes a trans character. 
Trigger warnings: self-harm, sexual assault, rape 

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