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Why Choose? Romance Club

Welcome to the Club!

If you’re like me, you hate love triangles and you burn through RH books so fast that authors can’t keep up. You devour new releases before the authors have even outlined the next book.

So you’re always on the prowl for a new delicious book boyfriend (or two… or… more)

I have the same addiction, friends. That’s why I created Why Choose? Romance Club.

Each collection on this site features highly rated Why Choose books on a particular topic, like motorcycle clubs, alien mates, bodyguards, and more.

The Club is on hiatus

I hate to do it, but as a newbie author myself, I need to focus on getting my Why Choose series out into the world.

Find out more about my slow-burn Fae RH series on my author site.

New collections may be slow going until I can find the time. Unless you can help!

Sign up to get an email when I post a new collection, and support this site on Patreon. Doing so will help me prioritize the Club.

Authors, PAs, and VAs, contact me about collaborating on upcoming collections!

Bring on the babes!

Each collection below features 4 or more reverse harem books, always around a topic.

That way if you just finished a book with some sexy wolf shifters and want more, you can visit the collection for it.

Check out the ones I’ve already done below or sign up to find out when I post your favorites!

Note: PNR stands for paranormal romance, which includes fantasy romance.
FMC = female main character.

Current Collections:

Ideas for Future Collections:

  • Shifters: bear, kraken, foxes, big cats (lions, tigers), etc.
  • Audiobooks: more PNR
  • Big harems
  • Motorcycle club
  • Mafia
  • Female main character (FMC) is over 30
  • Oblivious FMCs
  • Academy
  • Bully
  • Vampires as mates or FMC is a vampire
  • Monsters
  • Alien mates (books outside of Amazon)
  • Fae mates
  • Alphas and alphaholes
  • Fairytale retellings
  • Oblivious FMC
  • Omegaverse
  • DD/lg (Daddy dom/little girl)
  • Submissive in harem
  • Society’s outcasts and misfits
  • Characters or plots involving royalty
  • Slowburn PNR
  • Circus themed
  • Forbidden romance

This is an adult-only website

I do try to offer trigger warnings when I know of them, but I can’t catch everything. If you see a book without a trigger warning that needs one, please reach out. I know what it’s like to be randomly triggered, and it sucks.

We don’t need those kind of surprises in our lives. Reading is supposed to be fun! But I also know that what’s triggering for one of us, isn’t for all of us, which means there’s no need to shy away from a book with a trigger warning if it ain’t NBD to you.

Reverse harem is the best romance subgenre

This is a site for lovers of the illicit. Reverse harem (RH) is a subgenre where our female badass doesn’t have to choose between lovers — she can have them all! After all, why choose?

Reverse harem features kickass women who find fulfillment in different ways from guys with all different personalities. These ladies know that no man can ever satisfy every mood or aspect of their desire, and they won’t settle for just one!

If you have a craving for a particular type of RH you’d love to read next, or ideas for books to put in one of these collections, contact me!

It does take me time to think of a theme, gather a collection of books related to that theme, find all the covers and links to Amazon, write the blurbs and trigger warnings on each, etc.

Please support the Club by contributing as little as $1 a month on Patreon. Cancel anytime, but Traci Lovelot patrons may get bonuses and WCRC voting rights in the future!

About the Club

You can learn more about the club and who’s behind all this and also find other ways of supporting the Club on the About page.

Don’t forget to join the Facebook group to chat with other Club members!